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Piran and Salt Pans

A town worth its salt

Piran is often referred to as the pearl of Slovenian Istria and with good reason. This small town is a truly unique gem that welcomes travellers with its charming Mediterranean flair.

Narrow cobbled streets, splendid buildings with pastel facades, and its magnificent church, overlooking the marvellously preserved Old Town, only emphasize Piran’s Venetian-style character.


The strong historical influence is complemented by the Mediterranean ambience and various cultural sights that are mostly linked to the tradition of salt making. Salt was the reason why Piran flourished during the centuries, and today world-class salt is still produced using 700-year-old methods in the renowned Sečovlje Saltpans.



    Visit the Piranske Soline shop on Tartini square where you’ll find authentic salt products, including the famous Piran salt harvested on the Slovenian coast. Indulge in a unique spa day amidst the salt pans at Thalasso Spa Lepa Vida. Experience traditional thalassotherapy in a unique natural environment and pamper your body with healing salt-pan mud and brine.


As soon as you enter Piran, you are greeted by colourful vessels and small private boats docked at the inner port, which opens onto the heart and soul of the city – Tartini Square, named after Italian violinist Giuseppe Tartini. The oval-shaped square is the most popular venue for festivals, open-air markets, concerts and other events.



    Tartini Square is a popular meeting point among locals, surrounded by beautiful old buildings with colourful facades. If you are looking for a unique souvenir to take home, find Nika’s Tiny House atelier, in which the talented artist creates Piran-inspired art from driftwood. Truly one of a kind! 


Resting on a hill and overlooking the sea, the Cathedral of St. George can be seen from anywhere in the city. If you look at the bell tower and get a feeling of deja-vu, that’s no coincidence: it’s a faithful replica of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice.



    Climb up the tower’s stairwell and reach the top for breathtaking views. The Julian Alps, the Gulf of Trieste, and the Croatian coast will be all within your eyes’ reach.


Descending from the church, you arrive at the tip of the Piran peninsula, Punta. From there, the view of the Adriatic is particularly fascinating. Thanks to the bars’ terraces on the pier, you can enjoy front-row seats to some of the most spectacular sunsets in Europe while sipping an aperitif.


Remnants of the Old Town Walls and its watchtowers are perched above Piran. It takes a few narrow and steep stairs to reach the viewing platforms on the wall, but the effort is rewarded by stunning views of the peninsula from a unique perspective.



    While most viewpoints in Piran can be sometimes crowded, not many people know that Oljčna Pot street offers the best panoramic views of Piran, from the Walls to the tip of the peninsula. Be sure to charge your camera batteries and mark this street on your map, you won’t regret it.


Piran is without a doubt one of the most romantic, most preserved, and most authentic Mediterranean towns in Slovenian Istria. Whether you are visiting for a few hours, an entire afternoon, or staying for a weekend, it will leave you speechless to the point you will never want to leave again. Nevertheless, we believe that Piran is worth at least a few days-long visit, so take advantage and book a room now!


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A stay in Old Town Rooms Piran is the perfect opportunity to explore the tiny Slovenian coast and enjoy relaxing moments by the sea. Fall in love with its Mediterranean charm. Discover a mix of rich history, charming hinterland, and fine tastes. Let us inspire you to uncover Istria's hidden treasures and corners with our insider knowledge.

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